5 Activities That Promote Inner Peace and Tranquility

Would you like to achieve more inner peace? Are you exhausted by the guilt, pain, and resentment you have carried through life? Are you tired of responding impulsively, negatively or overreacting? If we are honest with ourselves, we realize that we are all influenced by negative moods and emotions occasionally.

These negative moods and emotions can cause roadblocks to happiness and inner peace. Having a habit of negative thinking can cause problems when coping with life stressors. Finding inner peace can help you deal with those stressors and maintain a more stable mental and physical state.

Below are 5 activities that can promote inner peace and tranquility.

1. Meditate

The power of meditation cannot be underestimated. While experts may spend hours in meditation, benefits can be gained from even a few minutes a day. Create a daily schedule that dedicates 10 to 15 minutes to meditation. Meditation is all about clearing your mind and learning to be present. As you meditate, your focus should be solely on your breath. As thoughts come into your mind, just push them gently aside. Don’t be discouraged when thoughts do arise, as you practice meditation more you will gain control of those thoughts but it does take practice.

When you focus on your breath, it allows you to push everything else out of your mind. With every inhale/exhale, push negativity from your mind and embrace the inner peace and tranquility. Meditation is a great solution when you’re feeling stressed out. It’s something that you can do anywhere and everywhere. However, It is best when first learning how to meditate that you find a quiet area with as little distraction as possible. When it is new, meditation can feel foreign. We are used to having a million things going on at once. such as TV, Radio, kids, dogs, spouses… meditation is your time to focus and center your mind. If you can find a way to give yourself just 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time daily, you will begin feeling the difference in your stress levels.  

2. Mindfulness

While it seems to be very similar, mindfulness is not the same as meditation. When you are mindful, you are fully present. You become completely aware of your sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight. Mindfulness incorporates the here and now of whatever you are doing.

You can practice mindfulness when you eat, when you listen to music, when you take a hike. It’s simply about engaging all of your senses to push everything else out of your mind. There is less time to worry when you are focusing on your environment and the present moment. Mindfulness puts you in a living state rather than thinking about all the “what ifs” and worries.  

3. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is an activity that promotes inner peace and tranquility and is similar to and sometimes in conjunction with meditation and mindfulness. There are a wide variety of deep breathing exercises that you can use. However, there is one that you may find helpful to promote inner peace and tranquility. Imagine your breath as colors. Assign a color to positivity and one to negativity.

As you inhale, see yourself drawing in blue air for instance and visualize it as positive energy. When exhaling, imagine a rush of black air being expelled from your lungs. So, you inhale positivity and exhale negativity. This simply adds an extra layer of stress relief to the deep breathing practice. The purpose of deep breathing to promote inner peace is that your mind is drawn to the process of breathing and the life-enhancing properties of the breathing cycle.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, focus on your diaphragm and lungs as you do and hold it for a few beats before you expel it from your mouth. Repeat this five times.  You can do this throughout the day whenever you find yourself feeling stressed.

4. Be True To Yourself

How can being true to yourself be an activity? When you are in harmony with yourself you will behave in ways that match your thoughts and feelings.  You will take actions that are harmonious with your true nature.

The problem comes when you see yourself as one thing but are portraying something else. This is called incongruence. You can use a notebook to keep track of incongruence to develop self-awareness and then take actions to align yourself more with your values.  

5. Gratitude

If you want to promote inner peace and tranquility, then you need to focus on all of the positivity in your life. A gratitude journal is an excellent way to remind yourself of everything you love in life. Once you start writing out all the things in your life for which you are grateful, you will find it easier to see more positives. It’s all about training yourself to be more aware of the positive things in life.

If you want more inner peace in your life, select one of these activities and begin using it on a daily basis. Do it for at least a week before you decide if it works for you or not. If that one doesn’t help, try a different activity. The more you focus on calming your mind and making yourself aware of the positives in your life, the more you will be able to feel a sense of inner peace.