List of Super Powers

Here is a list of some super powers you may already have. You can use them to create a more fulfilling life by emphasizing these attributes. Look over the list and think about how you can use some of these traits more often.

Accountable Adaptable Adventurous
Alert Ambitious Appropriate
Assertive Astute Attentive
Authentic Aware Bravery
Calm Candid Capable
Certain Charismatic Clear
Collaborative Committed Communicator
Compassion Comradeship Connected
Conscious Considerate Consistent
Contributes Cooperative Courageous
Creative Curious Dedicated
Determined Diplomatic Directive
Disciplined Dynamic Easygoing
Effective Efficient Empathetic
Empowers Energetic Enthusiastic
Ethical Excited Expressive
Facilitates Fairness Faithful
Fearless Flexible Friendly
Generative Generosity Gratitude
Happy Hard Working Honest
Honorable Humorous Imaginative
Immaculate Independent Initiates
Innovative Inquiring Inquiring
Integrates Integrity Intelligent
Intentional Interested Intimate
Joyful Knowledgeable Leading
Listener Lively Logical
Loving Loyal Manages Time Well
Networker Nurturing Open-Minded
Optimism Organized Patient
Peaceful Planner Playful
Poised Polite Powerful
Practical Presents Self Well Proactive
Problem-Solver Productive Punctual
Reliable Resourceful Responsible
Self-confident Self-generating Self-reliant
Sense of Humor Sensual Serves Others
Sincere Skillful Spiritual
Spontaneous Stable Strong
Successful Supportive Tactful
Trusting Trustworthy Truthful
Versatile Vibrant Warm
Willing Wise Zealous


How might you begin using some of these traits more?

One thing you could do is simply start thinking about or journaling about a trait. What does it mean to you? What does it look like when people use the trait in their life?

Pick one or two from the list and start using it more. Then make a note to yourself about how that feels.