Morning Habits to Help You Lose Weight and Boost Your Energy

When it comes to losing weight, small changes can do wonders. Developing micro habits, or those small steps we can take to help us reach a bigger goal, can help us make our path to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle more achievable and almost fool-proof. Because these micro habits don’t take much time and energy, we are more inclined to do them consistently.

A good morning routine can help us be more productive throughout the day. There are simple habits that we can develop to help us shed some pounds and generally have a healthier body and a sound mind. These micro habits can take less than five minutes, making them easier to incorporate into our already existing routine.

Drink A Glass Of Water Upon Waking

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up can do wonders for your weight. We all know that water is good for the body and can have amazing health benefits. One is that you rehydrate your body after going for hours without water.

By rehydrating yourself, you also wake up the rest of your system, thus boosting your alertness levels. Drinking water on an empty stomach can also increase your metabolism and help your body flush out toxins. A glass of water before breakfast can also make you feel a bit fuller, making you want to eat less for breakfast.

Get Some Sun

There is a reason why we tend to gain more weight over the winter period. A new study reveals that we tend to consume more calories during winter because of the lack of sunlight. This is presumably one of the many instinctive behaviors that served our ancestors well when they needed more calories for body warmth. Today, that is not as much a survival issue for most people in first world countries.

Aside from helping reduce hunger pangs, getting some sun in the morning can improve your mood, and increase the body’s immunity, thanks to all that vitamin D that we can get from good ol’ Mr. Sun. One easy way to get your daily dose of sunlight is by simply opening your curtains when you wake up.

Do Some Light Stretching

Morning stretching is one easy way to help boost your energy and help you feel more awake. Stretching can increase flexibility and can do wonders for your circulation after lying down in bed for hours. Stretching can also minimize aches on your muscles and joints. A good stretching routine in the morning can even lay the foundation for an exercise routine.

Eat Protein For Breakfast

Many people overlook the importance of the makeup of their first meal of the day simply because they are in a rush every morning. If they do get some breakfast, they may consume quick bites that are full of sugar and calories but don’t fill them up, making them hungry again after just a few hours. This starts a cycle of poor food choices for the whole day.

Eating a healthy protein-based breakfast can help us stay fuller for a longer period of time. We will then also consume less nutrient-deficient calories. Protein in the morning can help reduce body fat by increasing muscle mass, resulting in a higher rate of calories being expended by the body. Try consuming healthy, protein-rich foods like eggs, and feel more filled up in the morning.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being more aware of your surroundings and being more present in the moment. Our mornings can be so filled with rush and chaos that we can find it difficult to pause and have some quiet time for reflection and connecting with our senses. But being mindful doesn’t have to be a long activity. In fact, a quick five minutes of downtime, especially when eating, can help us lose weight. Because we are more aware of what we eat, we become more engaged in the meal rather than mindlessly munching down the food. We also become more aware of the signals that our body sends about being full, so we end up eating less.

How we spend our morning creates a flow-on effect throughout the day. We can have a healthier and more energized day by simply changing up a few things in our morning routine. With these simple micro habits, we lay the groundwork for better days ahead.