Start New Habits

Develop These Important Habits That Promote Your Personal Growth

Improving yourself only takes a couple of minutes a day. For many of us, we think changing our lives for the better is a monumental task. The idea of improving ourselves can sound like we need a lot of motivation, and that in itself can lead to procrastination. But there’s no hocus pocus to improving personal growth – everything starts with a habit.

A fail-proof habit, called a micro habit, when done consistently and repeatedly, creates a big impact on our lives. When we make these small habits, we might not see immediate results, but what we are actually doing is building the foundation for bigger behavioral changes.

Here are small but important habits that can promote your personal growth.

Develop A Morning And Night Routine

While most of us already have a routine, the routine we have grown accustomed to might not be working in our best interest. Try to look at your own morning and night routines – what are the things you do first thing in the morning, and what are your activities before going to bed? Chances are, there are some things about them that you can improve.

First, you can try stretching upon waking up. Morning stretches can boost your energy levels and improve blood circulation. Another thing you can do is to drink a glass of water upon waking up to increase alertness and kick-start your metabolism. One easy habit you can also do in the morning is to make your bed.

The entire room will look more organized if once you have made your bed and the whole thing only takes less than 5 minutes to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a nicely made bed, too?

To help you wind down from a busy day, a calming night routine can greatly help. Unplug from social media once you get to bed and pick up a book instead. Start by reading a few pages first, then slowly increase it. Not a big reader? You can try listening to an audiobook. Reading at night, opposed to being glued to your phone, can help you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.

Avoid Eating At Your Desk

You might think that you are accomplishing more by working while eating, but in reality, you are just overworking yourself. While it is understandable that we want to maximize our time to get a lot of things done, not being able to take adequate breaks throughout the day can lead to an increased level of stress and work anxiety.

It is almost certainly not mindful eating either.When we eat while working, we may not notice that we are consuming too much food or barely eating at all. By eating away from your desk, we take a quick break to refresh our minds and simply recharge.

Listen To A Podcast Or A Watch A TED Talk

Podcasts and TED talks are amazing sources of information. We can choose from a wide variety of topics that interest or intrigue us, and by the end of a talk or discussion, not only were you entertained, but you are also a bit smarter now than 15 minutes ago.

You can listen to a podcast on the way to work or watch a quick TED talk while taking a coffee break. The nuggets of wisdom and knowledge from these sources are a way to promote personal growth.

Go Outside

When things get stressful, overthinking, anxiety, or disagreements can cloud our judgments. We need to refocus our perspectives to gain a better insight and arrive at a decision. One way to declutter your mind is to simply go outside. Take a five-minute walk or simply breathe in the fresh air. Sometimes, we need to remove ourselves from the situation we are in to help us think more clearly. Just by being outside and taking a quick break can also improve your creativity and self-awareness.

Changing and upgrading our habits can promote personal growth, but it doesn’t happen overnight. With micro habits, we change our lives in small but significant ways. We might not see it immediately, but we are definitely improving ourselves one day at a time.