Dare to Follow Your Inner Guide

Have you ever just known in your heart that you should do something?

Or avoid something?

Usually you think you know what to do, but self-doubt and other well intended people give their “honest opinion” that rains on your parade.

Such was the case with my book entitled Wiggle: Super Powers You Never Knew You Had.  You see, the title and cover for the book go against most “expert” opinions about what you should name a self-help book or what kind of cover it should have. I had a LOT of opinion coming at me from several directions. The doubters did not like the name because “It sounds like a children’s book.” Then to make matters worse, I used a cartoon looking cover with a dog on it! “And what’s up with those Super Powers?”

The book was written to hopefully help people. I did not have the intention of making a bunch of money or even trying to find a publisher. But being a competitive person, I got caught up in trying to do the best I could with the project and hoping it would be a success to my standards. So I read books about self-publishing and dove into the never-ending supply of “free seminars, books, videos” designed by people who sell “how to write a bestseller.”

I wrote the book. Then when the time came, I agonized over the name and the cover for quite some time and almost buckled under the pressure of “the experts”.

But what made the decision so hard, was without WIGGLE and the concept of wiggling, the book really was just any other self-help book. If I changed the title and used a more conventional name it might sell better but  it was not me. I knew in my heart that it was wrong to go against the original name.

My advice to people is to follow your heart, to listen to your inner voice. So, I stopped listening to the experts and their followers and did what I knew was right for me.

When it launched the kindle book immediately took the #1 spot in several categories as a New Release. It then went to the TOP 100 in New Releases.  As suggested by the experts, I did some free promotions and the downloads were over 3000 topping the charts in the free categories as well. After the promotions the book was able to achieve #1 Bestseller status in one category and top spots in several other very competitive categories.

Now it has tapered off and may bottom out. I am happy and have enjoyed hearing from people who have found my book to be helpful. No matter what happens from here out, it was true to my inner guidance.

I encourage you to listen to your heart and follow what you know is right for you. It may not be the popular choice. It has a potential to go all kinds of wrong. But then again, it has the potential to be wildly successful and better than you ever dreamed.

Dare to Follow Your Inner Guide!


New Book by Dr. Cobb

Dr. Carolynn Cobb is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Texas. She currently specializes in clinical assessment, technically driven interventions, and personal growth and development.

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Wiggle: Super Powers You Never Knew You Had

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